Link Dumplin’s 27Feb20

Soup Dumpling
  • When Warren Ellis blogs about blogging its worth paying attention.
  • Fraidycat 1.1 is here. It allows you to follow people on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Github and more without an account.
  • Bill Ratcliffe on Flickr. Damn
  • Gatsby is another open source, free platform for building websites and apps.
  • Venkatesh Rao has some characteristically insightful things to say about the the text renaissance in online media.
  • Artist in the World is an enormous collection of photographs by André Smits showing artists, from behind in their studios. It’s mesmerizing.

Tales from Weirdland

Jeronimus Dekker’s Tales from Weirdland is a “Sentient Youtube channel”. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much at all about it. What I do know is that I am obsessed with the associated Tales from Weirdland tumblr blog. It’s a regular stream of ephemera that feels like it was curated specifically for me. If you like to browse images of fantastical concept art, animation, illustration, and photography then this is a place you will love. Its really beautiful.