• Once more, with feeling: You should start a blog! And Fast.ai has a quick, easy, and free way to to do it without any coding. Best of all, everything you post there is yours. What are you waiting for? Stop giving your words and pictures to Facebook.
  • There is a real good pizza dough recipe on github (whaaaaat?)
  • Here’s great piece on the YO app. It was such a simple and ephemeral thing, and yet it was perfect. I was introduced to it years ago by a close friend and we spent a glorious few months sending each other YO’s. From the piece: “Zen teacher Deborah Eden Tull says: ‘Attention is the most subtle form of love.’ That’s all a Yo is, really. Just a little bloop of attention.
  • And again with my tumblr thing. Another gold-medal post mixing Google data, Pokemon, and late 19th century linguistics.

The Obscuritory is a blog about obscure, and forgotten video games. From the About Page:

I’m Phil Salvador. I usually go by Shadsy online. I’m a librarian in the Washington, DC area with an interest in games, their history, and their role in culture.

This blog is my weird little hobby / obsession. I love playing and sharing strange, unknown games, and I love connecting with people who enjoy them too.

I know you’ve heard of BTS. At least I have to assume you have because I have, and I’m aware of stuff but I’m not omniscient. What I do know is that the internet has made the big world both smaller, and somehow larger at the same time, and if you couple that with the inexorable march of age the result is a sort of foggy apprehension of pop culture. So I’ve heard of BTS, I am aware that they have something to do with the Kpop phenomenon, and I’ve pretty much relegated that whole agglomeration to the not-for-me file. As it turns out that was unfair. Connect BTS sounds pretty damn interesting in this breakdown by Jay Springett.