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Jeff Juliard Posts


Fraidycat has definitely piqued my interest. If this is real and if it does everything it promises, then its wish-fulfillment for me. This quote echoes…

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Monday Bread

Behold. A Monday morning wild-yeast, sourdough reminder that despite what the media is telling you, all is not misery and ashes. There is still beauty,…

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Do something

If the wake of your deeds leaves a mark on the world, then when you are scrolling through feeds you are invisible to everyone but the algorithms that hunt you.

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Future thinking

First, I note today with some humor that the digital scratch pad I use to rough-write these posts, and which I intended to save with…

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Gresham’s Law

Jesus, this article will curdle your milk for you. The goal of Son, and increasingly most large financiers in private equity and venture capital, is…

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