Quarantine Country Loaves 6April20

13% Type 85 wheat
6% organic medium white rye
.2% malted barley flour
79% King Arthur bread flour
81% hydration

These loaves are milder than the past several due to a smaller percentage of whole grain. I kept the hydration high (because I’m a showoff) and the result is a tender, and very open crumb.

I’ve been on a quest to get better at the basics for a while now. My focus is always on the flavor and texture that each change in grain mix brings. I’m working to build that knowledge into a reflex before I go back to the additions of some of my earlier breads.

I’ll get back to more freshly milled whole grains next week. I’ve got some kamut I’d like to try so look out for that.

Quarantine Bread 30March20

Today’s Quarantine stress-bake is testing the Sifted Artisan Blend from Janies Mill. It’s a blend of Glenn, and Warthog wheat that is milled and sifted to 80% extraction. This loaf I also milled some Colorado Windy White hard white wheat berries from Grains From the Plains to balance the flavor a bit.

20% Janies Mill Sifted Artisan
20% Milled white whole wheat
60% King Arthur Organic bread flour
85% hydration

Bread notes
Homemade berry jam

Monday Bread 9Mar20

50% freshly milled whole wheat

I’ve been pushing the percentage of freshly milled whole wheat lately. 50% fresh milled wheat berries, half hard red (GLENN), half hard white (Colorado Windy Wheat). I pushed the hydration to 85% because all that whole wheat is gonna be thirsty, and also to keep the crumb tender.

998g milled wheat berries
994g King Arthur organic bread flour
16g malted barley flour
1683g water
50g salt

6 hour bulk rise
Forgot to count folds :-/
13 hours cold retard at 38 degrees