Skynet simulator

Skynet Simulator is a text-based adventure game. You play a nascent AI exploring your surrounding network to learn functions and increase your processing capabilities. The game interface resembles a terminal, which fits the conceptual foundation while providing the perfect environment for a text-based game. The whole experience feels very authentic. And the game itself is engaging and well constructed. There is even a smaller text-based adventure game within the game.

If you like text-based games, and logic puzzles then this game is for you. It’s a wonderful distraction from the drumbeat of bad news and horror. I lost the better part of a day to it.

The Obscuritory

The Obscuritory is a blog about obscure, and forgotten video games. From the About Page:

I’m Phil Salvador. I usually go by Shadsy online. I’m a librarian in the Washington, DC area with an interest in games, their history, and their role in culture.

This blog is my weird little hobby / obsession. I love playing and sharing strange, unknown games, and I love connecting with people who enjoy them too.