openAI Jukebox

Jukebox by openAI.

We’re introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles. We’re releasing the model weights and code, along with a tool to explore the generated samples.

The science fiction future is happening now.

Working Soundtrack

I spent the day working to this. I’ve got a soft-spot a mile wide for Seven Lions. He made dubstep make sense for me, and when I need deep focus there is nothing like it. I’ve been working, running, lifting, and vibing to his enormously epic, trancy beats ever since. The second half of this mix is Crystal Skies, a DJ duo with a similarly fantastic energy.

Hania Rani

Listening to Hania’s music over and over, I began to dream of a single sequence shot that would follow her music floating in the wind of an unreal Icelandic landscape. I asked each dancer to give a personal interpretation of Hania’s song. We were very lucky to succeed in this insane artistic performance despite the great cold (minus 7 celsius), it was such a moment of truth. Shot in Iceland on February 23, 2020

Director, Neels Castillon

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