Typography lesson

You don’t have to be a graphic design nerd to appreciate this fantastic twitter thread about typography. It’s informative, and super good.

Triscuit History

This Twitter thread on how Triscuits got their name is brilliant. Its a sterling example of using the internet, specifically Twitter, for good. Bravo!

via the mighty Garbage Day newsletter.


Apparently this spawned something.

Unhinged Acceleration Assemblage Compasses

Here is a twitter thread from Jay Springett that brings me a considerable amount of pleasure. The quadrant/compass thing is adapted from a scenario planning thing that mated with a political thing and gave birth to a meme thing (of course). This unholy matrimony happened a while back and since then the compass has become an all purpose tool for mixing two ideas that can be defined along a spectrum, and then showing possible outcomes resulting from their interaction. Of course that power has been used for evil because everything on the internet has become horribly shitty in a way that none of us noticed until it was too late.

But that worm has turned.

Now you can see axis/quadrant grid things taken past the edge of farce to a place where they are so close to serious again that you can learn things from them. The whole thread is genius.

Found via the phenomenal SCIOPS newsletter by Max Anton Brewster.