You should start a blog

Jay Springett talks about blogging, and why you should leave the algorithmic-platform shit show and move to the Isles of Blogging. This glorious sermon resonates strongly with my current thinking about how the digital world has devolved over the last decade. Here’s a New York Times take on the topic. Its a fucked up timeline. The early part of the decade points toward a bright future full of promise where all our problems are solved by scrappy young entrepreneurs and glittering new technologies. By the end, well, I don’t have to tell you how it ends.

You should start a blog. Seriously. I promise I’ll read it.

Monday morning bread

Blue cheese, walnuts, golden raisin, and currant bread for the holidays. These loaves are 85% new King Arthur Organic bread flour, 5% organic whole spelt, and 10% home milled, hard white winter wheat berries. They smell like we all live in a better world.

Stay strong, tumblr

Posts like this are why I still love tumblr so much. It’s got everything: A joke that poses a legitimate question about pop culture, a meme that would be cringe-inducing on a Facebook timeline but totally works here, and a thoughtful, useful answer by someone with a vaguely pornographic sounding user name. This is a lot of bang for the buck.