Tumblr Love

I love tumblr. My dash has been on a pretty amazing hot streak lately:

Tumblr love

This epic tumblr post imagines the Antichrist from Good Omens growing up to be the John Mulaney of his universe. I get it. It’s SUPER inside-baseball. It depends on the reader’s familiarity with Good Omens, and John Mulaney, but if you happen to be in that narrow demographic, it’s hilarious. I’ve said this before: If you’re not on tumblr you’re missing a lot.

Stay strong, tumblr

Posts like this are why I still love tumblr so much. It’s got everything: A joke that poses a legitimate question about pop culture, a meme that would be cringe-inducing on a Facebook timeline but totally works here, and a thoughtful, useful answer by someone with a vaguely pornographic sounding user name. This is a lot of bang for the buck.