OK Boomer

I know you’ve heard of BTS. At least I have to assume you have because I have, and I’m aware of stuff but I’m not omniscient. What I do know is that the internet has made the big world both smaller, and somehow larger at the same time, and if you couple that with the inexorable march of age the result is a sort of foggy apprehension of pop culture. So I’ve heard of BTS, I am aware that they have something to do with the Kpop phenomenon, and I’ve pretty much relegated that whole agglomeration to the not-for-me file. As it turns out that was unfair. Connect BTS sounds pretty damn interesting in this breakdown by Jay Springett.

Tumblr love

This epic tumblr post imagines the Antichrist from Good Omens growing up to be the John Mulaney of his universe. I get it. It’s SUPER inside-baseball. It depends on the reader’s familiarity with Good Omens, and John Mulaney, but if you happen to be in that narrow demographic, it’s hilarious. I’ve said this before: If you’re not on tumblr you’re missing a lot.