50% Milled Whole Wheat Bread

Milled whole wheat berries include Colorado Windy White from Grains from the Plains, Glenn & Warthog from Janies Mill.


  • 50% Whole Wheat
  • 50% Unbleached Bread Flour from Lindley Mills
  • .5% Diastatic Malt
  • 82.5% Water
  • 16% Levain
  • 2.1% Salt

The Levain build for this was 2:2:1 flour, water & starter. I set this up at about 6am and mixed the dough at noon.

100g King Arthur AP flour
100g King Arthur whole wheat flour
200g water
100g Starter, peaking

I milled the wheat berries then mixed the flours, & malt with 1560g of the water at about 10:30am, and let it autolyse until noon. At noon I added Levain with 40g water, then 15 minutes later the salt, and another 50g water before dumping it into a tub for the bulk rise.

Bulk rise was 4.5 hours with stretch & folds every half hour except for the last hour. Three of these were coil folds–a technique I learned from [Full Proof Baking].(https://www.instagram.com/fullproofbaking/) Bench rest after pre-shaping was an hour, then I popped them into the fridge for a 12-hour rest before baking in the morning.

The bake was 20 minutes covered at 500, then 8 minutes uncovered before dropping the temp to 450 for 15 minutes. I tented the loaves with foil for that last 15 minutes to keep the char under control.

Overall I’m hapy with these. They are tender, and have a reasonably open crumb for a loaf with such a high percentage of whole grain. And they taste fantastic!