Sutu eats flies

Stuart Campbell is an Australian artist using art and technology to tell stories. Think, among other things, AR, and VR comics. This feels so much like the future. We are still tethered to using a phone as a viewport for this type of art, but a truly vaiable, wearable solution can’t be far off. A descendent of 3D glasses, but on a larger and more integrated scale. I mean at some point it will all be mechanically instantiated in our DNA at birth, but until then this is an excellent example that shows the possibilities of AR/VR as artform.

0107 – b moll

Wow, this is beautiful. I hope your day is off to a good start.

The city is made up of much life, light.
There is loneliness in the city where self-existence is buried.
However, it also feels bright and lively.
Each light affects the activities of the city, and the city is transformed by a lot of light

Hiroshi Kondo (

Ayako Taniguchi (

Karel Zeman

There is a big, Blu-ray reissue of 3 Karel Zeman’ films out from Criterion and it looks amazing. Three Fantastic Journeys includes 3 of Zeman’s films along with copious special features.

This is my first exposure to Zeman and I am totally entranced by his style. I’m also not surprised to discover that he inspired the work of Terry Gilliam and Wes Anderson.