Who are you working for?

I spend time a fair bit of time tuning my feeds. It’s a regular ritual with an irregular schedule. The trigger is when I notice that I’m willfully skipping stuff in the feed more than a couple of times. That’s usually the catalyst that sets me about burning the dead wood, and replacing it with new growth. It’s an inexact science but it means that I am constantly tuning my feeds to make sure they are useful to me. If something is not providing me with pleasure or practical use then I don’t need to make time for it.

Its easy to fall into a regular media habit, and even easier to find yourself floating in a filter bubble. If you let the feeds do the work they will maximize for the extraction, and monetization of your attention. You may get lucky and get something out of the transaction, but its just as likely that you won’t, and entirely possible that what you do get out of it will be a net negative to your overall intellectual, spiritual, and physical health. So its important to me that I maintain control of the inputs. I tune them to maximize for usefulness and net positive effect on my life. You should too. The feeds are built to harvest your attention, and your biology is wired to prioritize fear, and anger and give them that same attention. Left alone, your media inputs will scare you, piss you off, and tell you only what you want to hear. And that’s a recipe for ignorance.

So tune your feeds. Make them work for you because you’re already working for them.