Fraidycat has definitely piqued my interest. If this is real and if it does everything it promises, then its wish-fulfillment for me. This quote echoes my sentiments pretty succinctly.

“We traded all these glorious personal websites in for a handful of shitty networks that everyone hates. So using Fraidycat is actually a nice breath of somewhat non-shitty air, because you can follow people on all of those networks without needing to immerse yourself in their awfulness.

I wish there was more pressure on these sites to offer some kind of API or syndication. But it’s just abyssmal—it’s a kind of Dark Ages out there for this kind of thing. But I think that tools like this can help apply pressure on sites. I mean imagine if everyone started using ‘reader-like’ tools—this would further development down the RSS road.”

I’m actually not 100% sure if this is real, or if its a satirical bit of performance art, but if it is real then it makes me happy.