Link Dumpin is a link dump. This is the kind of thing I just love. A simple, concise list of things that someone else finds interesting.

Salvador Dali’s Tarot is now available from Taschen Books. The deck was originally created for the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, but was never used in the film. Instead, the Tarot of the Witches by Fergus Hall appeared in a couple scenes instead. It was the Tarot if the Witches in this film that got me interested in Tarot cards. I went looking for the deck I’d seen in the film as soon as I had enough allowance money collected to buy it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I settled for the Aquarian Tarot instead. That’s been my goto deck for decades now. This Dali deck looks like a gem. And it’s got an oblique attachemnt to one of my favorite obsessions, which makes me want it even more.

This guy has written a static tumblelog generator. I’m so interested in this. Maybe its a function of being old enough to remember the pre-GAFA internet, but the idea of a home-brewed, bespoke, microblog disconnected from the larger social bullshit factory really appeals to me. I’m not a coder by any stretch, but I can work within a simple framework that is well documented. I would very much like to find the time to dig into this.

million short is a search engine that allows you to remove the first 100 or more sites from your search results. This has the effect of filtering out the wall of heavily SEO’d buckshot that fills up the first couple pages of results no matter what you’re searching for. It’s got some buttons to completely remove e-commerce sites and the like as well.

@visakanv’s blog looks really promising to me. This tiny post alone hits at the heart of what I’ve been thinking for a while now, but have been struggling to express.

OMFG I need to poke around here. First, I don’t even know what is. Second, seriously OMG.

Lots of the links I just posted come with an industrial-sized hat-tip to what is rapidly becomming one of my favorite places on the internet: Kicks Condor is just plain beautiful.

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